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Tipping Points

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I should preface this by saying that I’m supposed to be writing something else.


We’ve reached a series of tipping points about how domestic sphere lately.  We both tend to be pretty complacent about most things domestic; as long as something works, we’re generally OK with it.  We don’t care about vehicles as long as they run and don’t cost us money.  We don’t care about furniture unless it’s uncomfortable.  We don’t care about the design of the house unless it stops working.

Lately, though, that’s starting to change. We’re starting to get fed up with things that we’ve been living with and we’ve begun changing them.

A while back, after getting fed up with my inability to drive my sister and brother-in-law to dinner—and getting fed up with having to rely on people with trucks larger than mine so that I could finish up the deck—I bought a truck.  I’m very happy with it.

When we bought the house, there was a shitty, brick patio on top of a slab.  The brick had never been sealed and was in terrible shape.  I got fed up with it, pulled it all up, and put down Trex decking. Now that I had a truck, I was able to haul the 16′ boards I needed to finished expanding our patio/deck all the way across the back of the house.  The deck is much bigger and nicer looking.

When we bought our house, we loved the 50s pink and maroon bathroom tile.  Then we tried to match things to it.  This summer, we asked our friend Miguel to tear it all out and build us a new bathroom. Even the guy who installed the shower glass for us was moved to comment on how nice our bathroom is.  We’re unbelievably happy with it.

The dining room had an elaborate, glass and plastic chandelier that we both hated (but that Shelley’s mother adored and lovingly cleaned every time she came up).  One day I decided to do something about it, so I picked up a nice, modern chandelier and installed it.  We’re much happier with it.

But there has been one thing, one horrible thing, that we have lived with from the very beginning.

Our couch.

We made a terrible, terrible decision when we purchased our couch in 2003.  We didn’t spend enough time sitting on it.  And when we got it home and realized it wasn’t very comfortable, we chalked it up to the newness, thinking that it would eventually loosen up and get comfortable.

Here we are, almost 10 years later, and that expensive, uncomfortable piece of crap is still as uncomfortable as it was in the store.

For weeks now, I’ve been looking at sofas in various stores around town, but nothing was really compelling me to buy it.

The other day, I helped a couple of new colleagues pick up some furniture from a consignment shop here in town, and, while in the store, I fell in love with two leather sofas they had.  I brought Shelley down to the shop on Friday. She ruled one out immediately.  Then we sat on the other one.  We laid down on it.  We snuggled.  We sat in various positions, testing out the comfort level of the arms as headrests and the cushiness of the cushions.

So we bought it. For an absolute song.

New Couch

It is incredibly comfortable. It looks great with our existing stuff. It’s already broken in and has cat scratches, so we won’t care when our cats get scratches on it.

We’re much happier now.


Written by srogers

October 6, 2012 at 2:33 pm

Posted in Around The House

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