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I am back from Mississippi. They let me leave. Or ran me off, I suppose.

I am an uncle!

I ran a 20 minute 5K in MS. That is minutes faster than my best 5Ks here.  I like air and flat.

I have been mildly injured for a few weeks now. I developed a mild strain in my left thigh and a touch of tendonitis in my right foot, so I took this last week off from any exercise. I ran an easy, easy 5K yesterday and everything seems OK.

I’m learning that, normally, when I get injured, it’s time for new shoes. My beloved Merrell Trail Gloves have developed holes in the soles. I hate my fancy-schmancy Brooks. I got them for winter/snow running, but I never liked them. I call them my clown shoes because it feels like I’m running in clown shoes. I have a pristine pair of Vibram fivefingers, but I don’t like wearing them on our trails because a) rocks get caught between the toes and b) it is super-easy to stub a toe in them.

Today, while out running some errands, I remembered that Sports Authority had New Balance 730s on sale for $50, so I grabbed a pair.

I’ve only worn them around the house today and already I’m in love with them.

We start back to work tomorrow. I’m experimenting with teaching all my classes completely paperlessly. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll write more about that process later.

I made good headway on my book project this summer. A chapter on Hogarth is done. A chapter on the Lock Hospital is done. The chapter on the Magdalen Hospital keeps getting longer and longer (40+ pages now). More on that later, too.


Written by srogers

August 26, 2012 at 5:53 pm

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