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Just look at it.


I really do not know how Miguel did this.  I really don’t.  He did it with a normal tile saw and a handheld rotary cutting tool.  It’s just amazing.

The man is incredible.  I suspect that he’s going to caulk around this to seal it and then caulk again around the trim piece that covers this.

The end is in sight.  The tile is going down:

Bathroom Remodel, Day I've Lost Count: Tile!


It’s going a little more slowly than we had all hoped; there was a tile saw setback on Tuesday that ate up most of the morning.  They didn’t really get moving until about 2:30 or 3:00, and they usually knock off about 5:00 because Miguel’s son has to go home to take care of his kids when his “baby mama” goes to work.

Miguel says that he’ll finish the wall tiling tomorrow (he’s been nervous about the weight of the 16″ tile on the walls, so he’s not been rushing this; that’s why the boards are there—to support the row of tile and keep it from sliding) and then he’ll knock out the shower pan and the little lip between the shower and the floor.

Then, all that’s left is

  • tiling the floor (a day)
  • grouting everything (last thing that will happen in a day)
  • installing the new medicine cabinet (quick)
  • installing the new shelving (quick)
  • installing the new vent/fan (the old one, which I installed a while back, doesn’t move enough air to stave off mold) (quick)
  • installing new baseboards and trim (half a day)
  • reinstalling the toilet and new vanity (minutes)

We should have the construction done (sans tempered glass, which we’re going to have to sell body parts to pay for) by the end of next week.



Written by srogers

June 7, 2012 at 8:42 pm

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