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1) My Achilles’ tendon was pretty sore for a day after running 5K on Monday, so I’m staying off it until it feels 100%. I’m enjoying the mountain biking, though. There is, I have learned, a massive difference between mountain biking in Hattiesburg, MS and mountain biking in northern Utah.

2) Despite the con/destruction, I am trying to write. Chapters of Teh Book Project™ are under way. I currently have drafts of a chapter about Hogarth and the narrative of the prostitute and I’m well into a chapter about The Lock Hospital and the Magdalen Hospital. I’m currently deeply involved in reading a couple of books about the history of sensibility and sentiment in 18th century England. Later, I will fold in an essay that was recently published on “Midnight Meetings” and will cobble together another about treatments of the fallen woman in poetry from my dissertation. Then I’ll put together an essay about the Church Penitentiary Association, the Rescue Society, the Society for the Reformation of Manners, and a few other c19 associations. I may use this space to write about it like I did for my dissertation.

3) We have almost all the walls in place!

Bathroom Remodel, Day 10: Rocking!

Bathroom Remodel, Day 10: Rocking

I suspect we’re about 10 days out from having the construction done. Then we get a new vanity and sink. Then we get the custom glass, which will cost more than all the labor.


Written by srogers

May 22, 2012 at 9:45 pm

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