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The Great Bathroom Remodel of 2012

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When we bought our house, we were really excited about the bathroom, which had this 50s/60s pink tile with a neat maroon accent.

Bathroom Remodel: Before

Very quickly—as in “once we started trying to match anything to it”—we came to despise our bathroom. We didn’t like the tile. We didn’t like the vanity. We didn’t like the tub. We didn’t like the faucet. We didn’t like the wall sconces. We didn’t like the paint.

I replaced the vanity, toilet, and sconces a while back. But that wasn’t enough. When the faucet started leaking badly (and we were provided no way to access it!), I thought that the time was right to tear it all out and make a new bathroom.

Luckily, my next door neighbor is a construction guy who does amazing work, because frankly, although I could do lots of this, I just plain don’t want to.

He started tearing out on Wednesday. First, he did battle with the tile.

Bathroom Remodel: Day One, Tile Removal

Bathroom Remodel: Day One, Shower

Bathroom Remodel: Day One, Shower

And then the floor:

Bathroom Remodel: Day Two, The Floor

Before long, almost all the tile was gone and all that was left were the plaster and lath walls.

Bathroom Remodel: Day Two, Tile Almost Gone

Molly helped. A lot. She detected a serious lack of soccer ball skins and tennis balls, so she brought them some.  All. Day. Long.

Bathroom Remodel: Day Two, HELPING!

We went to the Home Despot and picked out some tile:

Bathroom Remodel: Tile Selection

I’m particularly happy that we are not going to come out with a brown bathroom. It seems like everyone has a brown bathroom these days. The tiles are mostly greys and taupes.

By the third day, he had it almost all down to the studs.

Bathroom Remodel: Day Three, STUDLY!

Like many old houses around here, the exterior walls have no studs. It’s just plaster over foundation brick. No wonder the bathroom is freezing cold in the winter.

Bathroom Remodel: Day Three, STUDLY!

Monday, he thinks, he’ll finish the tear out. The first load he took to our dump was 1760 pounds—of tile.

The plan is to ditch the tub and put in a huge shower with multiple heads (we are currently debating frosted glass vs. clear for the walls and door). We’ll build in some cubbies for storage. We’ll paint the white vanity I installed—

—some kind of charcoal or black and put new pulls on it. We’re not quite sure what kind of top to get. It’s one of those things that is difficult to envision until there’s tile on the floor and paint on the walls.


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May 12, 2012 at 10:15 pm

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