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About 10 years ago I came down with a mystery illness. I developed a crushing headache and muscle soreness from my neck to my ankles. Most strange, though, was that I felt like I had a fishhook in my diaphragm and every step felt like someone was jerking on that hook.

At the time, I didn’t have health insurance, and so I put off going to the doctor as long as I could. But when my head hurt so badly that all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry, I went to the ER. They gave me a shot of toradol and a prescription for something like xanaflex and sent me on my way. I wound up being violently ill and went back to the ER, where I got a shot of finagrin. I went back to the ER two more times.

They diagnosed me initially with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. And then with the Echo Virus. Finally, an older doctor at the university health center suggested it was just stress.


In the wee hours of Tuesday morning I was awakened by a massive headache.  I tossed and turned until 7:00 and then I noticed that my legs and back were sore.  I took 600mg of ibuprofin and went for a very slow run, figuring that running will often sort out any muscle soreness I have.  It worked.  For a little while.  By about 2:00, the headache was back.  By 6:00, I decided to go to the doctor.

They got me right in, drew some blood, gave me a flu shot, assessed my pain, and gave me a shot of toradol and a wide-spectrum antibiotic.  The blood work revealed an elevated white cell count, which means an infection.

The doctor said that he was concerned by my symptoms, since they really sound like some form of meningitis; I insisted that this has happened before and that it lasts a few days and then goes away.  He gave me explicit instructions that if I don’t improve, I need to go to the ER.


I feel significantly better today.  I am also taking doses of Tylenol-3, which probably has something to do with it.  If yesterday my pain was about an 7-8/10 (with 10 being something like the time I woke up after surgery with no painkillers on hand), today it’s a 3-4/10.  My fever broke last night; I woke up with drenched sheets.  But I can walk around without pain.  My back and neck still hurt, but it’s not as debilitating as it was yesterday.

Here’s the fun part: I have to serve on a MA defense committee today!


Update: overnight, the fever came back and I seem to have developed some kind of allergy to codeine.  I spent much of last night tossing and turning and itching.  Went to the ER at 10:30, where they gave me fluids and some more toradol.  I slept  most of the time I was in the ER.

Labs came back normal (yay!) ad he sent me home with a prescription for Lortab and toradol.

Hopefully this will work itself out by the end of the weekend.


Written by srogers

November 23, 2011 at 4:20 pm

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