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Up On the Mountain

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One of the joys of living here is that we have a good friend with a nice cabin at 8300 feet back in the mountains. It’s on 80 acres, and so for the most part you can rest assured that you won’t see a soul (although this morning was different—hunting season meant two guys on a four wheeler rode down the driveway while we were eating breakfast!). It’s nice. The only sounds you hear are the whistling of the wind through the aspens and the strangely soothing ppfft-ppfft-ppfft sound of the windmill when the breeze kicks up.

This is the view from the 400 foot cliff/overlook on the edge of the front “yard”:

The View

(click to embiggen)

This is a little pond we pass on the way there:

Twin Pond

The colors were absolutely amazing. It was cold—but not too cold. We cooked some tandoori chicken and corn on the grille, built a little fire in the fire pit, and watched the stars come out.

And then, in true roughing-it style, we went inside and watched two episodes of The Vampire Diaries on DVD.


Written by srogers

October 15, 2011 at 10:56 pm

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