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This is from a comment on David Brooks’s ridiculous op-ed piece on the Occupy Wall Street protests:

Just so you can’t pretend to not understand. The 99% is about the distribution of wealth, income and influence in the United States. It is about bought and paid for politicians, bought and paid for Tea Party and bought and paid for media.

It is about the lack of accountability for the people who caused the financial crisis, the fact that they were bailed out by the 99% and how they have fought every attempt to ensure the problems don’t happen again. It is about a financial system that still refuses to rein in its excesses and about bankers that loudly proclaim that very mild laws are un-American because they will only be allowed to leverage their money by a factor of 14.

It is about young people crippled by Student debts imposed by an older generation who had very cheap access to higher education.

It is about a system that no longer works for the middle class who are squeezed while the 1% and those that serve them (roughly the next 5-10%) become ever richer. Everyone else had become poorer and much less secure over the past 3 decades.

For the record, I don’t find the OWS folks any less incoherent than the Tea Party. And I like it when people protest against the man, incoherent or not. I just wish they had pitchforks.


Written by srogers

October 11, 2011 at 4:54 pm

Posted in Politics

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