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About midway through Joe Klein’s (typically) brilliant essay interrogating the “evilness” of Iraq, I found this little paragraph. Klein is describing the rally on Jerusalem Day, where radicals had to be bused in to Tehran since most of the radicals from the universities these days are secular humanists:

A bedsheet with a crudely drawn American flag was produced and set aflame; televisioni cameras converged. It was the scene we’ve all watched a thousand times, but not at all threatening somehow: a theatrical moment rather than a political one. I noticed that we were standing in front of a cinema where “The Green Mile” was playing.

I love essays like this–essays that counter the tendency we have in America to think far too unilaterally about the politics of other countries. It is, after all, as idiotic to make sweeping generalizations about the politics and culture of Iran, China or Afghanistan or whoever as it is to make sweeping declarations about the politics and culture of America.

The reformat went fine, but I still have the same problems with the video on the iMac being different. For example, this was captured on my iBook:

But this, on the other hand, was captured on my iMac:

I’m beginning to wonder if something with my iMac’s firewire bus has gotten damaged. Oof. Video capture on the iBook from now on….


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July 2, 2011 at 2:02 am

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