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I’m just back from our orientation. Oof. I’ve been gone since 7:45 this morning, and so now I’m a bit pooped. It was a good day, though. Lots of interesting sessions and good things to listen to. Right now I’m listening to All Things Considered, which is running a story about some fundamentalist Baptist preacher (Dr. W. A. Criswell? Griswell?) I could really care less about. Every time I hear guys like this talk, i can’t help thinking about how there’s no need to get defensive about something until you feel it is under attack.

What’s really odd, though, is that these guys align themselves with the Republican Party, which, while it is made up of so-called “conservatives,” also promotes an economic system that has been deadly to any kind of theocracy or wide-spread belief. I’m actually surprised Marx didn’t predict this kind of thing, since so far as I can tell he predicted just about everything else (including Wal-Mart).

Shelley and I bought pork chops for dinner, so I’m going to do some cooking this evening. Woot!

Tomorrow’s a lazy day, with only a couple of meetings in the afternoon, followed by a lengthy trip to the bar, where we will carouse with our friends.

I helped Greg get OS 10.1.2 installed on his iBook last night, which was fun. I think he’s about got it up and running now, but I haven’t talked to him today, so I don’t know. Greg! What’s the scoop! (hehe. Blogger in lieu of instant messaging).


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July 2, 2011 at 2:02 am

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