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Ooh! Ooh! The Guardian has finally posted the answers to the King William’s College quiz.

I got two or three right (difficult to remember), so I’m doing pretty good.

In other news, Greg sees an invasion of Cuba in our future.

Me? I’m still waiting for us to demand that Britain hand over IRA terrorists and all the members of Sinn Fein, and when they don’t/won’t/can’t, we begin bombing, leaving behind a US-instituted government and a “peace-keeping” force.


War on terrorism. My ass. As I told Greg last night in a chat, it should be “America’s War on Vague Things that are Defined However We Want Them to Be.” Was McVeigh treated as a terrorist? Yes. Did people want to hang him for treason? No. What’s the difference? None.

He’s not brown.

Why didn’t we go after the Michigan Militia with tanks and guns? And don’t tell me it was because Clinton was a wussy man. If you search your recollection, he dropped nearly as many bombs as Bush II did (GHW Bush, that is…he’s the Jr. GW Bush is the 3rd). Shortly into his presidency, he boombed Iraq, then Afghanistan, then Iraq again, Somalia, Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Balkans….

More later. Must teach now.


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July 2, 2011 at 2:02 am

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