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This is a quote from The Guardian. Here’s the scene: Sept. 11. Bush is at an elementary school and the news has just broken. After the second plane hits, Bush explains

“I wasn’t sure what to think at first. You know, I grew up in a period of time where the idea of America being under attack never entered my mind – just like your daddy and mother’s mind probably. And I started thinking hard in that very brief period of time about what it meant to be under attack. I knew that when I got all the facts, there would be hell to pay for attacking America.”

That’s right. During the Cuban missle crisis, Bush never worried about being attacked. During the cold war, when we were constantly under the threat of mutually assured destruction, Bush never worried about being attacked.

Need I even mention all those movies from the 80s about the cold war? I guess Bush was drunk when he saw Red Dawn….

Shelley’s truck was hit at some point. Her “Jellybean” plate is comepletely broken off, and there’s a dent on the undercarriage. Unbelieveable.


Written by srogers

July 2, 2011 at 2:01 am

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