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The end of the semester is always an oddly disturbing time for me. All semester long, I prepare for class, I teach the classes, I conference with students, and I grade assignments—all the while, of course, being expected to work diligently on my dissertation. Yeah. Right. Sure. That’s going to happen.

And then the end of the semester hits. It’s a strange time. The students are too exhausted and too worried about finals to attend to the small details that they had previously been obsessed with. The grading is done for the first time all semester. There’s little or nothing to do until finals.

So now I work on the dissertation. It’s coming along. It is. It’s still trying to figure itself out . . . trying to find out what it wants to be when it grows up. And it will. It’s moving along. The introduction is sitting at about 20 pages. It was 40, but I cut it savagely. The first draft of the first chapter (on the obscure poet Dora Greenwell) is complete, has been critiqued by my director and can now move into the standard revision process. The second chapter (on obscure Adelaide Anne Procter) is moving along. I’m at about 20 pages right now. The third chapter (on very very not obscure poet Christina Rossetti) is already finished, I think. It’s an article that’s coming out next year in Studies in English Literature.

So it looks like I’m on track to finish up and defend next Fall. Then the job market.

And boy won’t that be fun.


Written by srogers

July 2, 2011 at 2:01 am

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