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Just read this. Ashcroft is such a fucker. I’m serious. My being worried about the suspension of habeas corpus, the suspension of the FOI, the President’s fast and loose deployment of his authority as Commander in Chief as a means of denying individuals accused of terrorist activities a criminal trial is just me living in a dream world. In fact, Ashcroft tells me that I’m actually aiding the terrorists, since the American system of justice serves to aid terrorists. By all means. Let’s do away with it.

This week has been one of those weeks. I keep thinking that I should be rioting in the streets. Even if I’m merely a riot of one (thanks Thoreau).

From the NY Times:

Ashcroft said that “terrorists are taught how to use America’s freedoms as a weapon against us.”

Well hell. Clearly, then, we need to do something about those freedoms! The freedoms are obviously the problem, and they need to be curtailed. We need to lock people up without revealing who they are or what they’re charged with. Indeed. That’s clearly the answer. We need to start giving the state the authority to simply stop people on the street and interview them. Sure. Interview. Yeah. Right. Interview. I’ll tell you what. You start “interviewing” Rush Limbaugh on the street and he’ll be up in arms. Of all the right wingers I want to hear from on this issue, I want to hear from Walter Williams. But where are you Walter Williams?

I’m so bloody mad I can’t even begin to be articulate. I apologize.


Written by srogers

July 2, 2011 at 2:01 am

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