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So Mike has given me a nickname. In my defense, I should say that all of that fiddling with the template was purely out of a need for distraction from the grading extravaganza that was my weekend.

Oh yeah.

I was so desperate for distraction, I even found myself, late Saturday night, on an IRC chatroom with militant 15 year-old Mac zealots. I didn’t stay for long.

Ironically, they were all busy installing linux.

I’m not in much of a mood to do anything today, but I suspect that my lethargy is more related to having the plague than it is to exhaustion from grading. It might also be from the heat.

I did, however, grab a ton of books on the history of the English penal system from the library today. I make an offhand remark about prison reform in the late 18th century, and my punishment is that I have to read 8 books so I can back up my claim. I left the library with two plastic bags of books. Luckily, I’m pretty fascinated by all of this, so at least it’s pleasant reading.

For anyone who’s interested, the new default desktop picture for Mac OS 10.2 is making the rounds among the mac fringe. It’s a neato version of “foam.” You can take a look at it here.

I’m still working on that long blog I promised a few days ago. I got sidetracked by grading, but I should be back on track this week. It’s quickly become two different blogs, one about friends and another about music, and so I’ll probably post it as two separate pieces. I may even tinker with my template some more. I really want to go back to having a three-column blog, but with some kind of masthead at the top, links on the left, and some other things on the right (currently reading, etc), but frankly, I have decided that I hate HTML. I know just enough about it to be frustrated by problems that I know are remarkably simple matters to fix. Had I world enough and time, I would learn this stuff better. But I have neither.

One last thing: listen to the song “Jerusalem” by Dan Bern. It’s funny and good and well-structured and right in many ways. (mp3, 3.4 MB)


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July 2, 2011 at 2:04 am

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