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The sleep situation is bizarre. I stayed up all night the other night watching the games. I am far, far too old for that. When I was 25, yes. Not now. After having stayed up all night, I went out for an evening of celebratory drunken debauchery with my friend Jason. We couldn’t find any police cars to overturn or set fire to, so we settled for a couple of games of Golden Tee at one bar, barbecue ribs for dinner, ladies night (we’re both married, so it’s more a matter of laughing at everyone) at another bar and a couple of drinks, and then home by, say, midnight or one am.

Do I then sleep for 72 hours? No. I go to bed at 2:00 and find myself wide-assed awake at 7:00 am. Go figure. I’ve been trying to force myself to go back to sleep off and on all day, but it’s not working.

Alas. I guess I might as well work or something.


Written by srogers

July 2, 2011 at 2:03 am

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