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This began as a comment on Eldan’s blog entry about poststructuralist action figures. I’m reminded that a gazillion years ago I had an idea for Shakespearean action figures.

Imagine it:

Hamlet, with dagger and Yorick’s skull (power action: brooding)
MacBeth, with removable head on pike and hands that turn red when submerged in water (power action: the sense of impending doom)
Henry V, with cloak and hacking action (power action: recites the entire St. Crispin’s Day speech)
Dead French soldiers from the field of Agincourt, set of 30,000 (power action: none)
Othello, with pillow (power action: smother)
Gloucester, with removable eyes (power action: disbelief)
Puck, with magic dust (power action: mistaken sprinkle)
Titus, with son’s head under arm (power action: cooking)
Lavinia, with detachable hands and tongue (power action: creepiness)

You could even bundle them with little classic illustrated comics.

And just imagine the playsets! Elsinore Castle! The Field of Agincourt!


Written by srogers

July 2, 2011 at 2:03 am

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