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I’m going to mess some of this technical mumbo-jumbo up, so please be forgiving.

On Monday, Apple unveiled a new technology called Quartz Extreme, which is supposed to offload lots of the OS X graphics calculations to a graphics processing unit (GPU). There’s been a great deal of debate about OS X and graphics, since the new OS is a bit sluggish on window resizing, and there have been claims that Quartz (OS X’s graphics system) is so advanced that it cannot take advantage of 2D and 3D acceleration by the graphics card.

The issue for many Mac users is that nothing but the newest Macs can take advantage of this new technology/acceleration because the graphics systems in them don’t have enough horsepower. In fact, none of the current laptops can make use of it, apparently. I’m not worried. OS X runs fine for me on my little white iBook and on my iMac DV (it has a DVD-ROM, not a CDROM).

But before people get bent out of shape about this, they need to take a look at this picture and discussion of why there are such steep requirements. Quartz Extreme looks to be pretty stunning.

All of this has got me thinking about selling my iMac. I have a friend who has a PowerMac (G4/667) she’s offered to sell me, and I’m seriously considering selling my iMac for about $500 and picking up the G4. Given all the audio and video work I’m doing, it seems to be a reasonable move to consider.


Written by srogers

July 2, 2011 at 2:03 am

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