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This has been a weekend of absolutely horrible movies. We began with Vanilla Sky (about which I wrote a lengthy blog concerning its faux intellectualism and the tendency among “high brow” movies to confuse indeterminacy with poor directing/bad writing . . . but it got snarfed by the the computer gods). That was followed by The Deep End, which aside from featuring the lovely Tilda Swinton was disappointing. We rented it thinking it would be a thriller. It isn’t. It is a wonderful commentary on the reality of motherhood and on the failures of men, as well as a nice treatment of the problems with the military’s policy on homosexuality, but it is most definitely not a thriller.

We followed this up with a bit of a cleansing ritual: Not Another Teen Movie. Shelley wanted to watch it. I don’t go for the silly movies. Campy, yes. But not silly. I am purging right now. Training Day. It’s good so far.


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July 2, 2011 at 2:03 am

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