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We thought we had the cat pee issue resolved, but now it is simply ambiguous. We’ve both sniffed every bit of the carpet in our front room, and every spot we find we douse with Nature’s Miracle and then cover with aluminum foil. The problem is that the stuff takes two weeks to dry, and in the meantime you have a very powerful odor of cat pee.


I’m *this* close to pulling up the carpet and replacing the pad. I’m going to give it maybe a week or two (to allow the stuff with which we’ve treated the carpet to dry) before I do anything that drastic. I also have no idea how to go about pulling up the carpet in one part of the room, cutting out the pad, and laying a new one.

No idea.

At this point, I could care less about the sizable pet deposit we put down for this house; the smell is unbearable.

I’ve been dissertating all day today. I’m now in the process of contextualizing the 26 pages of close-reading I’ve amassed. This poem is remarkable in a number of ways, and I’m really enjoying the twists and turns it takes. Tomorrow there will be even more dissertating, as Tuesdays are one of my writing days.

I’m thinking of registering a couple of domain names (it’s what, $17 for a year?) and having them redirect here to the house…. My iMac seems to chug right along serving pages, and I can’t imagine that I’d ever see enough traffic to result in extra charges on my DSL bill. I’m looking at domainmonger to take care of all the registration and DNS redirect. Does anyone have any suggestions? So anyway.

Back to dissertating. I’m going to be working on it for a while tonight, I think. A while.


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July 2, 2011 at 2:03 am

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