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Here is the order of things that happened today:

1) I went to the coffee shop to work on the dissertation for a bit.
2) On my way home, I stopped by a discount carpet place, where they gave me some scrap carpet pad.
3) I called my friends Tom and Tiffany for help.
4) tom and Tif arrive
4.5) Tif pre-treats the carpet with her monster steam cleaner.
5) We pulled up the carpet and the pad
6) We cleaned cleaned cleaned the floors, which have been horribly stained by Nature’s Miracle, which apparently eats the varnish off of hardwood floors. Even a tiny bit. Be very careful if you use this stuff.
7) We made note of the bizarre paint stain on the floor (not our fault), as well as the water damage from where on of my plants apparently sprung a leak.
8) We put down new pad in the living area, tacked it down, and then put the carpet back down.
9) Tif steam cleans the area thoroughly.
10) We sniff around on our hands and knees. Only one place remains, and it is very faint. You have to bury your nose in the carpet to even notice it. And even then it is faint.
11) Relish in the smell of a house without cat urine permeating the living area.
12) Read Hazlitt’s Spirit of the Age with the wife on the front porch.


Written by srogers

July 2, 2011 at 2:03 am

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