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So Apple laid some people off recently. At the time, there were a number of explanations, and everyone assumed that it was just a part of the yearly reorganization the company performs. But Crazy Apple Rumors Site has the real story. Here’s a snippit:

Mary Graves, formerly a manager in the testing group, said she was told that the company “just wasn’t able to commit to anyone right now.”

“Maybe I was pressuring Apple too much,” Graves pondered. “They’re at a really sensitive time right now what with… Well, they’re just at a sensitive time right now. Maybe they need to be alone. I have to be patient with them.”

So there you have it. I know I’ve been in that position….

In other news, I need some Applescript help:

1) Does anyone know how to get Applescript to insert a fixed date, enter a carriage return, and then insert the time into an Appleworks document?

2) Does anyone know how to get Applescript to take the currently playing artist and track from iTunes and have it inserted into BlogApp? There’s a iTunes2Mail script I’ve found that does this for Mail, but I can’t get it to work with BlogApp.

I really ought to get a book.


Written by srogers

July 2, 2011 at 2:03 am

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