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I just had what is, hands down, the worst tech support call of my life. I called SWBell to find out why my upload speeds are so poor (they’re maxing out at about 8k, when I’m rated at 128k). After going round and round, they put me on with a technician. This is not a tech support guy. This is a technician. I told him my problem, and he said that I’m not going to be able to generate my DSL signal from work.

I told him that that’s not what I want to do. I’m telnetting into my computer from the office. I have a T1 line here, and DSL at home. I should be getting more than 3k/s when I transfer a file.

He told me again that I couldn’t generate my DSL signal from work.

This time, I explained very patiently what it was I was trying to do: I have DSL at home, I have a web server set up and running, and I’m telnetting into it from work so I can move some files back and forth.

He said I was never going to see those 128k upload speeds because I was connecting through a phone line.

I told him I wasn’t. That I had an ethernet line connected to a T1 at work, and DSL at home. I don’t even have a phone line plugged into my computer at home.

He said “How are you connecting to your computer at home?” I said “ssh/telnet.” He said “There! You see! Tel-Net. Telephone Network.” You’re connecting over a telephone line.

I said “But I’m supposed to have uploads of 128k. Why am I not seeing them.”

He said something to the effect of “You’re going to see them when uploading, not extracting files.”

Now, keep in mind that I’m logged into my computer at home. For all it knows, I’m sitting at the keyboard copying files.

I asked him how it knew the difference between uploading and extracting, or something like that.

He went on again about telnet meaning that I was connecting over the telephone, and at one point, I swear to god, yelled at me. He fucking yelled at me. A technician for SWBell in Oklahoma. Yelled.

I said “Hey! If you’re just going to yell at me, why don’t you let me talk to another tech?”

He chuckled and said to someone near him “He wants to talk to another tech.” Then he got back on and said “He’d just tell you the same thing.” He refused, essentially, to let me speak to someone else.

I said fine. This went on for a little more, and eventually I said “OK. Thanks,” and hung up very quickly. I wish I’d remembered the name he gave me when he answered the call. I have a sneaking suspicion that this call was not monitored.

Partly because of this experience, Shelley and I are thinking about switching from DSL to cable modem.

Pros: can get rid of phone, hopefully fewer techs will yell at me, faster uploads, static IP.
Cons: potentially expensive ($200) initial set up.

So anyway…can someone explain to me what is going on here? Why am I only seeing uploads of around 10k? What was this guy talking about with me connecting over the phone line? I’m sure there was some horrible miscommunication going on here, but for the life of me, I can’t figure it out.


Written by srogers

July 2, 2011 at 2:02 am

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