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Well, Mom and Zach left this morning around 7:00 am. Last night we all cooked a giant dinner: pork chops, salad, a rice casserole, some bread, sauteed mushrooms, and so on. It was wonderful. It was also the first time I’ve cooked anything on the grill for my mother.

Right now I’m digitizing last night’s episode of The West Wing. It was a rerun, but it was one I didn’t have on tape, so that was exciting.

I’m also furiously working on my paper for the conference next week. We had a dry run on Tuesday morning, and all the papers sounded good. There are some smart folks on this panel. My essay is troublesome at this point, since I’m trying to position myself against one argument in order to make another one, and the essay keeps pulling in the wrong direction. And so it’s almost as if there are two essays rolling around in there–and in fact, there are. This presentation is part of a much larger project I’m working on, and this is only one wing of the argument. It’s difficult to cut a tiny part of it out.

Shelley and I have been “gadgeting” all day. I bought my Newton a while back and have been learning the ropes on it, and Tuesday night I bought a compact flash PCMCIA adapter (a whopping $9) and a 64 meg CF card for my digital camera to replace my wimpy 16 MB one that doesn’t allow me to take very many pictures. The card even came with a $15 rebate, which is cool.

On Monday, I met with my dissertation director. We talked a bit about the dissertation, which she is happy with thus far. She says that I can defend pretty much whenever I want, which means I can graduate whever I want. There are strategic concerns, though. If I graduate in December, for instance, I then have to find a job in the “off season,” which means that I will probably be stuck with some kind of grunt/adjunct work around OK, and that means that my work load will suddenly double (four classes instead of two) while I’m trying to get on the job market during the playoff season, when my chances of finding a job, she thinks, are very good. She said she’d be surprised if I don’t get any interviews. She also thinks it’s nearly time to start shopping the first chapter of the dissertation around for publication, which is good. I’m ready to get back in the publication saddle. We talked about a few possible journals where I might send it, and we’re both thinking that Victorian Poetry is #1 on the list (in Greg’s very own school!). The only problem with this is that they kept the last essay I sent them for something like 7 or 9 months before rejecting it. They gave me some comments, but still…. Keeping it that long ment that it took nearly a year before I could send it out again. Multiple submissions are frowned upon in our line of work. I don’t know.

Other than the kernel panic I had on my iBook earlier this evening (which is notable only because they are very rare, and it’s the first one I’ve had on either of my computers in a long time), that’s the news of lake Wobegon.


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July 2, 2011 at 2:02 am

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