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A few random thoughts before I head off to the coffee shop to edit a couple of chapters of the dissertation:

1) I am beginning to commit my students’ grammatical errors. The more I read their misused apostrophes, the more I read their comma splices, and the more I read their errors with “your” and “you’re,” the more I begin to commit them myself.

2) I should never send email before 9:30 am, since my brain has not had sufficient time to recognize one of the errors described above.

3) It is difficult to choose between two candidates for the same job when candidate A gives an interesting Lacanian reading of film noir as part of a cultural anxiety over the emergence of television and candidate B gives an interesting historical analysis of the parallels between the shift from silent to talking pictures and the early films of the “horror” genre.

4) I do not look forward to my own job hunt, which will probably start within the next six months as I finish up my dissertation. If I finish my dissertation. But you know what they say: the only good dissertation is a finished dissertation.

5) I am still the #1 hit for the phrase “Alex McCleod,” which is a misspelling of “Alex McLeod,” the former host of trading spaces.

6) This is the most unhelpful manual for an mp3/CD player I’ve ever seen.


Written by srogers

July 2, 2011 at 2:02 am

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