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I’m more or less healthy again. Took Molly for a ~5K run this morning: got to the trailhead at 29th street at 8:37. Reached 36th street trailhead at 8:50. Got back home at 9:02. Nike+ says that mile 2 (uphill) was at a 7’40” pace and mile 3 (mostly downhill) was at 7’27”.

Got home and immediately set about moving the rocks and the pile of dirt out of the middle of the driveway so that it’s usable again. Rocks are piled and sorted into a pile of huge ones and a pile of small ones. Dirt was staged in the back yard, where I’ll spread it around over a section with no grass.

Finished the last round of proofreading of the student anthology yesterday and emailed the files to printing services today. On Wednesday, I’ll make a PDF available for instructors to take a look at.

Right now, we’re watching the Uruguay/Netherlands match and are thoroughly awed by Diego Forlan’s right foot.

In a half an hour, we’re taking off to Wendover to blow some cash and relax.


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July 6, 2010 at 12:28 pm

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