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A Few Observations About The Nook

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We got a Barnes and Noble Nook for Christmas. Here are a few thoughts about it:

1) The home button needs to be an actual button. As it is, it provides no feedback, so it is possible to press it and then the unresponsive Nook does nothing, so you press it again only to find that it now registered TWO presses.

2) The glossy borders/casing reflects light and distract from reading.

3) For my hands, the buttons could stand to be about 1/2 inch higher up on the sides of the unit.

4) You cannot zoom PDFs or resize the image, which makes many of the Google books useless. This is what Plastic Logic understands about ereaders that the other producers don’t seem to care about: there’s a (small) market for a portable PDF viewer.

5) The swipe-to-turn-page feature is too easy to make use of unintentionally.

6) The black bezel around the edge of the screen should be white so that it looks like the margin of a page. Because it is black, it creates a sense of an abrupt border on the edges of the print.

7) The screen itself is a little too reflective.

8) The Nook should sync with every other reader that the book is being read on. It should do this automagically.

9) Everything on the Nook needs to be more responsive.

10) “The Daily” is a good idea but is poorly executed. If it would allow for RSS feeds, it would make more sense. As it is, it is the Nook’s junk drawer, considering it is constantly filled with stuff I don’t want.

11) The Nook distinguishes between content I have loaded onto it and content I have purchased from B&N. There should be no distinction between libraries.

12) The “enter” button needs to be wider.

13) It should be easier to put the Nook in airplane mode (i.e. turning off the 3G antenna). A switch on the top would be ideal.


Written by srogers

March 9, 2010 at 10:46 pm

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